The sun was setting. It was the golden hour, of course. A car weaved around a road carved into the mountainside and the light followed in the rearview mirror. 

The car smelled like what two post-college kids living out of the same car would smell like. Ian, drumsticks in hand, banged the dashboard to the beat of the song sporadically and sang. Levi, drove and thought and smiled.

"What's the plan buddy? Work, then Nashville, then what?

"Don't know. Head back to Eugene for a bit?"

"Yeah, that could be alright. Think we'll make it?

"Yeah, We should be golden."

Golden Boy is the musical project of singer-songwriter Ian Mullin with contributions from songwriter Levi Gittleman. Mullin, who formerly performed under Melgarth, grew up in the northwest city of Moscow, Idaho. He attended the University of Oregon where he and Gittleman met. Their self-titled debut album was recorded at the historic Blackbird studios Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2018. The full-length album is comprised of the entirety of  “With my head in the clouds I drag my body about the earth,” the EP published under Melgarth, with an additional seven new songs.